Aladdin Tea Infuser Mug

Aladdin Tea Infuser Mug

Aladdin Tea Infuser Mug

by Aladdin

  • Brew loose leaf tea, tea bags and coarse ground coffee
  • Infusion basket drops down to brew, raise basket to drink
  • Flip lid prevents spills
  • Microwave safe body
  • Dishwasher safe body, lid and basket; car cup holder friendly

Product Description

Aladdin has been creating lifestyle products for people just like you since 1908. From the character lunch boxes you remember as a kid to the sleek mug you use to tote your morning coffee, we’re committed to creating unique food and beverage solutions that fit your lifestyle. Products that are sustainable, stylish, and above all, functional. Products to love. Tea time is me time. Dont think you have time for tea? Well now you do. Just infuse and enjoy with this classy all-in-one solution. Add loose tea to the basket, fill your infuser with hot water, lower the basket, steep to your preferred shade and then lift the basket. Its like a trip to the spa. Only not as expensive. And you dont need an appointment.

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For Tea On the Go or at Home This is the Mug!, October 26, 2011
Firstly, at 12 ounces you will definitely get your tea thirst satisfied. But the #1 reason I think this is the the mug to buy is it was pretty much the only one I saw on that was microwavable. So everything can be done in one cup. No transferring of water required. It's double walled so even at the boiling point you can hold the cup. The outside will be warm but not hot.
The brewing basket will drop into the water via the lever on the side of the cup lid. Once steeping is done just raise the basket by reversing the lever so as not to over steep. The basket construction is made of very fine steel mesh and plastic. The mesh should hold in nearly all types of loose tea. I used a very fine tea and there were only trace amounts that got through. So small they were drinkable bits.
The basket will hold a good 2-3 spoonfuls of tea so you should be able to get your preferred amount in.

This mug does keep the water hot. I actually had.

Probably one of the best items out there, but has flaws..., December 20, 2011
FriedGreenTomatoes "FriedGreenTomatoes" (Seattle, WA)
I bought 3 items from to do a side-by-side comparison: this Aladdin brand mug, the Bodum coffee and tea transparent press, and the Tramolina tea travel mug.

This particular item has some great advantages: overall cool looking, transparent container that makes the tea look good, the dip and steep idea with a flip lever is very very clever and is probably one of the best ways to do it...prevents teas from over-steeping and tasting bad.

Cons: (1) Transparent containers will never retain heat as well as their metal counterparts, if you want your tea very hot for extended periods of time, this wont work. (2) The infuser basket clip is not the easiest to open, and is not easy to clean thoroughly. (3) The small metal Y frame on which this basket is held in place looks flimsy, but I haven't used it for an extended period of time to give a complete review on that. (4) The biggest problem with this piece is the mouth piece - the cover is not easy to pop (it took me.

Excellent mug for loose tea, May 9, 2009
S. SCHULTZ (United States)
I have had this mug now for about 1 month and I use it every day about 5 times each day. It has never broke, got stuck or anything. It infuses the tea perfectly and then when it's done, I just pop the infuser back into the lid. The tea stays warm for about 1 1/2 hours or so. It is great for the car, park or walking to the bus stop. It's easy to clean as well. I highly recommend it.

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