Copco Big Joe 24-Ounce Thermal Travel Mugs

Copco Big Joe 24-Ounce Travel Mugs

Copco Big Joe 24-Ounce Thermal Travel Mugs

by Copco

  • Tight fitting, snap on lid
  • Set of two 24-ounce capacity travel mugs
  • Designed for right or left hand use
  • Fits standard car cup holders
  • great gift
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  • from: $49.99
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  1. Brand: Copco
  2. Dimensions: 6 x 3.5 x 8.5 inches
  3. Shipping Weight: 1.4 pounds
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Product Description

Copco Thermal Travel mugs are designed with the details in mind. From non-skid bases to tight sealing lids for total convenience without sacrificing style. This set includes two jumbo stainless steel 24oz mugs designed for right or left hand use with contoured handle and lid lip. All Copco travel mugs are car holder friendly!

Customer Reviews

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Not too 'Thermal' but large capacity and sleek....., November 19, 2006
Jolly Gourmand
Did I say inexpensive too?? Brewed a pot of Kona coffee today and used my Copco Thermal Travel Mug for the first time. I was somewhat surprised to feel how warm the stainless steel exterior became. None-the-less, my coffee stayed pleasingly hot for more than 1 hour, and that was with the top removed.

There was no leakage. At less than $5.50 per mug (through Amazon), it is hard to rate this well-constructed beauty at any less than 5-stars!

11/19/06: Oops! Did discover this nice mug is a tad top-heavy!

Shame about the handles..., April 20, 2007
J. Ross
Listen, the price is right, and they look nice enough. They also hold plenty of coffee (or whatever) and still fit in my car cup holder. BUT I really don't like the handles. More than the other reviewers I read. They are really bendy and I feel like they can barely support the weight of the empty mug, never mind full. Again -- you get what you pay for, I get that, but still the handles could be MUCh better

Good all-around 24oz travel mug, April 13, 2007
ramirez98 (Earth, Milky Way)
I spent a lot of time looking for a 24oz travel mug that was usable both with and without the top on (most have the screw threads, but this one is rubber pressure sealed so you can drink out of it with the top off). It's very sturdy, with the exception of the handle which is a bit flexible, but not enough to cause any problems. The handle is attached to a ring around the top of the mug and is actually a separate piece so be sure to wash in the cracks if you drink with the top off.

In general, for a two-pack of these you can't beat the price vs. quality ratio. I have one of these at work and the other at home and both fit under the pod machines at those locations (a tight fit, but a fit none the less). I would definitely by these again.

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